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You have a Xiaomi camera called cube with regional blockade? It is still useful.

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Xiaomi introduced a year ago Xiaomi IP Camera 1080P, so-called cube for sale at a very attractive price. She was often in the promotion for less than 80 PLN. In my opinion, a home surveillance camera perfect for the price when we are not there. Unfortunately, in the meantime, Xiaomi, to put it mildly, has misplaced and the cameras that have regional blockade and operate only in China. I bought one of my models at the beginning of this year for my family, they were going to check if the child had fallen asleep. However, for them the camera appeared useless due to the regional blockade, lack of connection with Mi Home. I ordered in the store Gearbest.comwho gave me money for an incomplete product. They did not manage to return the equipment, the camera stayed with me. I found another application for the "locked" Xiaomi camera.

Lock at Mi Home

If after logging in to MiHome and selecting the Xiaomi IP Camera, we get such a message, it means that unfortunately in the MiHome application the camera will not work anymore ..mihome xiaofang

Write to SD card ..

... however, if Insert the memory card into the camera, the image will be recorded all the time! Just pull out the card and place it in the laptop to view the recording. I discovered this because a friend suspects an employee of stealing money. Placing the Xiaomi camera anywhere will result in the image being recorded all the time. A big plus is the power supply 5V, the camera can be connected to power bank. It is certainly a much cheaper solution than mounting normal monitoring with a recorder, pulling wires. Wireless monitoring is a much more expensive option. Compared with the Xiaomi IP camera, it's 1 / 10 prices, especially since Xiaomi's blocked cameras often sell for a song, because they think they are no good - but they are wrong 🙂

The quality of the picture is not sensational but for such a price enough for me.

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