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Do not you like cleaning the kitchen / bathroom? Polishing machine on Youpin!
polishing machine

You have now added a bathroom and kitchen cleaning tool to the Youpin platform. It is a gadget that not only cleans but also polishes, for example, tiles, countertops or stove. This is the first Polishing machine on the Youpin platform

In the set there are several tips that will work for any type of dirt, surface. The appropriate pad polishes the ceramic surfaces or is much more dirty, the gas stove. You will not have to bother with a sponge anymore to scrub dirt.

The manufacturer has introduced two types of equipment for sale, differing from each other in terms of power supply and number of revolutions. The first model offers 130 rpm, and the power supply with four batteries is enough for 30-50 minutes of cleaning.

polishing machine

The second model with battery in the set and charger offers working time on the level 1-2 hours and 180-220 turns per minute. Both versions are made of plastic and are IPX7 certified. If they are accidentally immersed in water, nothing will happen to them.

polishing machine

The polishing machine was priced at 169 junny, $ 25 for a weaker model or 229 yuan for a more powerful variant with a battery and higher rpm.

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