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Yi presented the Home Camera 3 at CES 2019

Two years ago, two companies: Xiaomi and Yi Technologies often presented joint products, but over time their paths diverged. Xiaomi has started cooperation with other brands involved in the creation of home surveillance cameras, and how is Yi doing? At CES 2019, Yi presented a new IP camera called Home Camera 3.

Yi presented the Home Camera 3 at CES 2019

Yi presented the Home Camera 3 at CES 2019

The new model has a similar look to previous Yi cameras, light and slim design. The camera can record in FULL HD 1920 x 1080p resolution. The biggest innovation is the intelligent detection of objects and sounds, I am looking forward to this option in cameras from the Xiaomi ecosystem! How it's working? When viewing the timeline from the camera, we will see that, for example at 11, the camera detected a neighbor's cat in our yard. By receiving notifications we will know what object or sound has been detected, the end with pointless notifications. NETATMO cameras already have this functionality.

Yi presented Home Camera 3

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3 Home Camera will be available at the end of January in the US for $ 40. The purchaser will receive free 6 months of free cloud storage for storage of video recordings. Recordings will be kept on servers for 7 days, you can also buy on 15 or 30 days.

Why send the recordings to the cloud? If the burglar destroys the camera, the recordings will be lost, sending them to the cloud will make us always be able to see them. In Xiaomi webcams such as Dafang, recordings can be saved on a router with a built-in hard drive, so that we have a private cloud at home. This solution also has its pros and cons.

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