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Yeelight Mesh E27 bulb - read before buying

I base my home lighting on the first generation of Yeelight RGB bulbs. Although the reaction time is a bit long, but it does not bother me. I've had them for two years and they just hung up once. It helped to unscrew and screw in again. A few months ago Yeelight presented a new series of Mesh bulbs. I got a few questions about them, so I ordered one Yeelight Mesh E27 for testing ... and I can not use it.

The bulb comes in a cardboard box, and inside the outside of the bulb there is also a manual in Chinese, standard. However, there is one information you need to know before you decide to order light bulbs from China. Unlike the Yeelight E27 RGB Wi-Fi bulbs that I own, you need one more device to run the Yeelight Mesh:

You need a Xiaomi clock or Yeelight central!

You can not control the bulb without it. Yeelight Mesh E27 bulb will appear in the Mi Home application but any interference in the intensity or color of light is not possible. By default, after screwing into the holder, the bulb is cold (6500k), you can change it only if you have one of the two devices mentioned above. I currently do not have them. I do not know if I will order if a good promotion will come it's probably like that.

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