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Yeelight is launching the LED strip with 5M length on Youpin

The so-called Yeelight range has so far been available as a RGB LED strip with a length of 2 meters. Such length was good for backlighting the desk, shelves, but if someone wanted to highlight the ceiling, the bar turned out to be too short.

Yeelight Led strip 5m 1

Yeelight, in response to customers' expectations, presented a LED strip with a length of 5 meters, with an option to extend by further meters. All you need to do is buy a special 1m extension. The maximum length is 30m, this power will be used to connect the power supply to the set. If we need 4 meters, not 5, then the meter can be cut in the designated place marked with scissors.

In the set, together with the bar, we get a power supply with a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module. The Yeelight belt can be controlled using the Yeelight or Mi Home app. For manual control you can use the bluetooth remote control, or wall dimmer. So far, I've mentioned only the pros, time is down. The new bar only offers a white color with smooth color temperature adjustment between 2700K - 6500K. The power of the bar is 4W on 1m / 500 lm on 1m.

The Yeelight tape, 5 meters long, was priced in China at 168 yuan, $ 25. The optional meter extension is the cost of 19.9 yuan, or $ 3.

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