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Yeelight Candela [unpacking]
Yeelight Candela

Yeelight Candela

I got a new Xiaomi product, Yeelight Candela, that is how a Chinese manufacturer, a 21st century candle advertises. Which does not threaten to fire the house, though ... even a large company can sell devices with exploding batteries ..

Yeelight Candela product for Europe

The candle reached me in a fairly large box, I thought it would be a little smaller. Placing a picture of the device on the front of the box looks elegant. You can see that the product is adapted to the global market, not only Chinese. There are no bushes on the box, no Chinese words.

The carton is solid, although the package has been sent in the usual "courier film" you can see only the delicate folds of the cardboard in the corner. The candle is placed in an additional, inner carton. In which there is also an instruction manual in English and a USB-microUSB charging cable.

Yeelight Candela looks nice, there is the Yeelight logo on the front. Initially, I thought that the casing is made of glass, but it is plastic. On the underside there is a switch for switching the device on / off and activating the Bluetooth module so that it is possible to control and connect the candles into groups using a smartphone with the Yeelight application installed.

"The luminous pendulum", I do not know how to describe a modern brazier. People often ask whether it also heats or only shines, only shines. The light source is led in and does not emit heat.

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From a long distance it looks like a flame of a candle, or above it is smaller. The lighting power can be reduced and increased by turning the lampshade to the left / right.

Yeelight Candela

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