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XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer - a compact printer for "animated" photos

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I have not presented any news since Xiaomi for a long time, it's time to change it. This time, a completely new product in the Chinese manufacturer's portfolio. A small, portable photo printer with the "image from Harry Potter" effect, I will definitely buy.

Let me start with the most important one, paintings like from Harry!

... unfortunately, you need a smartphone for this. Augmented reality is creeping into our world more and more. Xiaomi also decided to use this technology. In order to revive a photo, a short piece of video should be added before the printout, which the printer will implement in the printout. Then just look at the photo through the camera of the smartphone and hacks, almost like in Harry.

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XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer can communicate using NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The downside is that the kit contains only 20 pieces of paper for printing, which the printer is able to use in less than 150 seconds. Yes, the device can print 9 photos per minute. Photographs are automatically coated with a transparent protective layer after printing. Paper is a product of the Japanese company DNP, which ensures that photos can be stored for many years, without fear that they will lose their quality. The printing head was made by the Japanese company Kyocera, which provides the resolution of the pointer 300 dpi.XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer

The small size 13cm x 8cm, as well as low weight are the big advantages of the new wonder from Xiaomi. You can easily carry it in a backpack or a handbag with infinite capacity. There are similar solutions on the market but, the prices of competing devices start at 100 $ up. Xiaomi, like Xiaomi, wants to compete on the market with a price without losing quality. XPRINT Pocket AR Photo Printer is priced at 399 yuan or around 63 $not to be too colorful, this price will apply in China. For us, the price will be higher, how much? It will show the market, for now the store Banggood he added the device to his website. They priced at $ 109.99, but it is only a price alert and not a possibility to buy. For now, there is no information if the paper of other manufacturers will be compatible. Xiaomi has priced its paper on 40 yuan, or around $ 6 for the packaging in which 20 is located.

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