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Xiaomi updates the MIUI launcher, you can set 5 application icons in a row.

Yesterday, the MIUI System Launcher has been updated for smartphones with a global version of the software. The biggest change is allowing more applications to be set on the home screen.

Previously, Xiaomi smartphones had a 4 × 6 desktop layout, the screen contained 24 application icons + 4 icons pinned to the bottom bar, that is, a total of 28 icons. Yesterday's update introduced the option to change the layout from 4 × 6 to 5 × 6. If you have a lot of icons on the home screen, after the update you can put them on 7 more, in total up to 35.

To enter a new look, go to the main desktop, press on the screen and select the "Settings" option in the lower right corner. In the settings, one of the six options will be able to change the layout from 4 × 6 to 5 × 6.

If you use more than one desktop, Xiaomi developers have introduced one more interesting option. From now on you can choose which desktop will be the default desktop. When you have, for example, 5 desktops and want to quickly return to your default one, just move your finger from the bottom to the top of the screen (so-called swipe up) and immediately jump to the default desktop.

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