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Xiaomi tomorrow will show "something completely new". The most innovative product in the history of the brand

Wang Chua is one of the co-founders of Xiaomi. On the Chinese social networking site, Weibo has published an interesting and mysterious entry. Mr. Wang Chua informed fans that tomorrow Xiaomi will show something that was not there yet. This is to be a revolutionary product that will change the rules of the game and become the most innovative product in the history of Xiaomi.

I am very excited. Tomorrow I will release a product that can change my destiny. This is a completely new category, a new genre that does not exist yet ... If I had it, my path of life may be completely different ...

Wang Chua

The following graphic is attached to the entry. I have to admit that TV Box has changed the way I use the TV. It's enough for me, I do not have a decoder or antenna connected.

What is under "Big Thing?" According to Wang Chua is a completely new category that will become one of the most innovative products on the market. These are very strong words, I personally can not create such a product in my head. I am extremely curious about what Xiaomi prepared for tomorrow.

According to leaks that hit the network, Xiaomi will present tomorrow: Mi Band 4 with Xiao AI assistant, Xiao Ai extract, Xiao Ai washing machine, Xiao Ai cooking machine - all products with an emphasis on the virtual assistant. I doubt that any of these products is "Big Thing". I am waiting for something definitely bigger!

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