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Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp - a minimalist table lamp integrated with IFTTT

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp
Xiaomi has three desk lamps on offer, one of them is the Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp. It has the ability to dim, change the color of light and four lighting scenes dedicated to Xiaomi. Adding to this elegant, minimalist design, everything creates the best desk lamp that I had the pleasure to use so far.

Xiaomi Smart Desk LampXiaomi Smart Desk Lamp reaches us in a solid, white carton. My postman brought the lamp, it was the largest package so far
He is carrying. You can see a lot of dents on the box, but the thick walls of the cardboard are not scary, even the Polish Post Office. The lamp was protected with cardboard inserts so that it would not slide during transport. In the set we get outside the lamp itself, the Chinese operating instructions and the power cord ended with a Chinese plug. Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp has the power 6W, which generate 300lm, "on paper" is not too much, however, to work at the desk is just enough to set the power in half. Xiaomi declares the lifespan of LEDs used in the 25 lamp for thousands of hours, they are almost three years of continuous 24 hours a day. Connects via the 2,4Ghz Wi-Fi network.


I love the minimalistic appearance of the devices, I do not like the over-molding of the form over the content. Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp looks very minimal and beautiful. It has only one button knob which has several functions. Press to turn the lamp on or off. Twisting causes darkening or brightening. If we press and without releasing the button, we start to rotate it, the lamp will change the color of light, the ability to adjust from 2700K-6500K. The last possibility of using the button is its double pressing, it causes the Pomodoro mode, which I will write about later in the review. The lamp has only an up / down adjustment, the hinge used causes that the lamp does not fall - stably stops in the position that suits us. From the bottom there are rubber inserts to prevent the lamp from moving and a reset button that has to be pressed with a pin. The diodes used in the lamp are blinded plexiglass, you can not see them.


We manage Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp from the Yeelight application. We can also pair with MiHome applications, however any changes are later made in Yeelight, which is responsible for controlling all lighting devices from Xiaomi. The pairing of the lamp runs just like any other device from a Chinese giant. We press on the three dots in the application and then on the Add Device, select Mijia Desk Lamp and wait until the configuration of the device is completed.

The intensity of light and color can be controlled by means of knobs or through applications. In the application, we can control "manually" through the Custom tab, finger movement up causes brightening, down darkening. The right / left shift changes the color of the light.

Yeelight app

Yeelight app

Yeelight app

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Pomodoro mode is also available. We set the working time and rest time, the lamp will count down the time. When it's time to relax, the Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp will gently dim and brighten every second. When the time comes, it will return to normal lighting. Pomodore mode can also be called by double pressing the button on the casing. Xiaomi also programmed four light scenes, corresponding to various activities in life.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp
PC Mode
Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp
Mijia Desk Lamp
Night Reading
Mijia Desk Lamp

I usually use PC Mode. In the settings, we can set the Sleep Timer, program the time the lamp should be automatically switched on / off and define the starting scene. An interesting mode is the Kids Mode, if we decide to enable, the light color control will only be available in the 2700K-4000K range. Warm colors of light have a positive effect on the child's eyesight.

Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp can be linked to other Xiaomi devices, as for example switches. Unfortunately, the steps that a lamp can do are in Chinese, so I put the translation. Lampe can also be linked to the service IFTTT.comIn order to do this, change the location to Singapore, but then we will lose the lamp from MiHome and will not be compatible with the Xiaomi ecosystem.


Xiaomi Smart Desk Lamp is by far the best and prettiest desk lamp I've ever had. The possibility of dimming is very useful, we do not always need a lot of light. The ability to connect to IFFFT is another plus. Anyone looking for a new lamp for their desk I highly recommend the proposals from Xiaomi. I bought my copy in the store for 43,5 $.

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