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Xiaomi repurchased the action for the 16 this month and jumped to HK $ 10

Xiaomi repurchased its own class B shares once again. It was the sixteenth buy-back of its own shares this month.

At the opening, the share price of Xiaomi Corp. was HK $ 9,94. During the day the price jumped to the level of HK $ 10.30, but eventually ended the day and started the weekend at HK $ 10.00. The Hong Kong stock market is not working at the weekend, which is why the value will remain until Monday's opening. Curious about whether orders placed over the weekend will result in a drop below HK $ 10 per share, or maybe the opposite, and Xiaomi Corp will strengthen at the level of HK $ 10.

What does it mean for shareholders to buy back their own shares?

In my opinion, buying your own shares means that the company is in good financial health. The company has financial surpluses, so it decides to spend them on its own shares which in the opinion of the board are undervalued on the stock exchange. During the tense situation on the international market between the US and China, foreign investors are afraid to invest in Chinese enterprises, so the price falls. Xiaomi Corp possesses funds, that is why he "invests in himself", cheaply buys shares to sell later at a profit.

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