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Xiaomi renews the control unit for controlling IR devices

Control unit for controlling devices that communicate via infrared is already available in the Xiaomi offer for a long time. You can add to it all the household appliances and appliances in the field of view, eg TV, radio, air conditioning, LED lighting. It should be remembered that the equipment must be controlled by infrared, so that the control unit can be used as a remote control. The Xiaomi product is compatible with 6000 brands.

control unit

The new model has been enriched with one function, support for a virtual voice assistant. Unfortunately, the assistant is "not very intelligent" because he understands only in Chinese. If you do not know Chinese, it makes no sense to buy a new model. Short and succinct.

If, for example, you have a lot of devices controlled by infrared in the living room, this small black box can be very useful. He can replace all pilots and you can control using your smartphone. The device connects to the Mi Home application and can communicate with other devices via Wi-Fi. With the help of the IR exchange you will be able to switch off the TV set or switch on the air conditioning. Of course, you can create a scene with other devices from the Mi Home app.

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If you want to buy a control unit to control IR devices, buy an older version, the cheapest is on AliExpress..