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Xiaomi Rabbit 3C 4G - A new smartwatch for kids

Xiaomi has introduced a new version of the smartwatch for children. This is a continuation of the previous model with various improvements and improved appearance. Interestingly, the new 3C looks like Apple Watch.

Xiaomi Rabbit 3C 4G

Xiaomi Rabbit 3C is equipped with an IPS TFT 1,3 "screen with 240 x 240 resolution and a wide viewing angle of 160 ° and 2,5D Gorilla Glass finish. The weight of the device is 51,3 gram and the total dimensions are Rabbit are 50 x 41,8 x 15,5 mm.

Xiaomi Rabbit 3C 4G

Xiaomi 3C 4G has the IPX7 resistance class and accepts the Nano SIM card used to make video calls in 4G. All this is powered by 780 mAh battery and can be used for 7 days in standby mode.

Xiaomi Rabbit 3C 4G

To view the location of her child Xiaomi applied:

  • GPS module
  • Beidou
  • AGPS
  • Wi-Fi

In addition, the watch has functions such as: chat, alarm clock, music control and encyclopedia. In addition, the 3C Rabbit can be connected to devices such as the Xiaomi wireless speaker. The watch has educational content from pre-school to primary school. This will allow children to expand their knowledge at such a young age.

Unfortunately, the Xiaomi Rabbit 3C 4G smartwatch is currently only intended for the Chinese market, where it costs 398 yuan (57 USD).

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