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Xiaomi presents an external, hermatic webcam compatible with the Mi Home application

Many people were waiting for an external camera that they could connect to the Mi Home application, finally the day came. Xiaomi under its own brand Mijia presented a camera with the degree of IP65 hermeticity, it is also wireless!

xiaomi 1080p outdoor 2

The new camera shape resembles a laptop power supply on the footer. Dimensions are 140,4 mm x 47 mm x 73 mm, and the weight is 270g. All hidden in a white shell with a black face, classic colors of all cameras of a Chinese giant. The housing is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. The most important feature of the new product, of course, is IP65. The camera can be suspended without risk on the outer facade of buildings, can withstand both dust and rain. Thanks to the foot and the ball joint, the "Eye of Sauron" can be directed in any direction.

xiaomi 1080p outdoor 2

There is a central unit connected to the camera, so-called gate. Its main task is a more stable signal during remote transmission and less power consumption by the camera. There is also a microSD card slot in the gateway if you want to store the alarm recording locally. The gate should be connected to the power supply of the 230V socket, apart from the microSD card slot it also has an Ethernet socket to provide a stable signal using a cable. The maximum supported memory card capacity is 64GB. When there is no room for new movies, the old ones will be automatically replaced with new recordings. In addition, you can view alarm recordings from the last seven days for free in the cloud.

Are you wondering where the cable is? There is no camera, you can screw the camera anywhere in the building. The only necessary requirement to meet is a good range to the central unit. Inside the camera there is a battery with the capacity 5100 mAh, which provides 100 days of operation without the need for recharging, perfect message!

The external Mijia camera, just like its internal equivalent, is equipped with artificial intelligence. He can detect people in the distance to 10m and analyze faces. Xiaomi declares that the algorithm recognizes animals, insects and light changes. Detecting one of these three objects will not trigger an alarm. The resolution of the camera is 1080p, of course it also has 8 built-in infrared diode that allows monitoring after dark.

Xiaomi Mijia Outdoor Camera 1080p has been priced in China on 399 yuan, $ 57. It is already available on AliExpress..

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