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Xiaomi presents a rocking chair made of birch wood, compatible with HYGGE

A classic rocking chair has been added to the Xiaomi crownfinding platform. It was created by the Scandinavian designer Tapio Anttile. The watchword of the new product is Hygge.

Hygge - a Danish word meaning comfort, convenience, cosiness, used as a means to achieve internal balance, security and happiness, especially by the Scandinavian people.Wikipedia

To my surprise, the Xiaomi society welcomed the product positively. The new product has already collected 565% of the amount needed on the funding platform.

Rocking chair made of birch wood

The frame of the rocking chair was made of solid birch wood, bent at an angle 45 degrees. Attention, this is not an ordinary birch, Russian birches were used for production. Yes, that's true, and as you know, they are very durable and dangerous for airplanes. ?

Rocking chair made of birch wood - HYGGE

The chair weighs less than 10kg, and will withstand pressure up to 110 kg. Two frame colors are available: birch or brown caramel. The upholstery is in three variants: white sand, amber black and peacock blue.

Rocking chair made of birch wood - HYGGE

Xiaomi declares that 9's large arch support and 10 cuts curved wood perfectly fits into the body and soul thanks to the Hygge philosophy. Just sit down and the chair will automatically adjust to the curvature of the spine ensuring comfort and complete relaxation of the muscles.

Rocking chair made of birch wood - HYGGE

The rocking chair made of birchwood was priced at 499 yuan, $ 72. Shipping to the first customers will start on October 22.

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