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Xiaomi presents a pump powered by a built-in battery

Xiaomi under its own brand Mijia today presented a wireless compressor on the Youpin platform. With its help you can quickly and easily inflate any object, eg a tube in a bike, an inflatable mattress or a ball.

The Xiaomi pump has dimensions 124 mm x 71 mm x 45.3 mm. It has a battery with 2000 mAh capacity, screen and LED diode. The first association when you see a new product? iPod! Possibly walkie talkie from Xiaomi.

The casing is made of metal and is resistant to temperature change, it can be easily handled in conditions from -10 to + 45 degrees Celsius. If discharged, recharge the battery via the micro USB port.

While working at full power, it emits noise at the 80 dB level and is able to generate the maximum pressure of 10,3 bar / 150 PSI. The current level of inflation is displayed on the screen. The fully charged battery is enough to inflate 11 bicycle wheels or 41 balls.

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The Xiaomi pump was priced on the Chinese market at 199 yuan, $ 30;

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