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Xiaomi presents a microwave with Wi-Fi

The Chinese giant's offer is already a small 32l oven, now the Mijia brand has been expanded to include a microwave.

The size of the Mijia microwave oven is 447 mm x 347 mm x 281 mm, and the weight is 10,8 kg. The capacity of the oven is 20 liters, and the power is 700W. Most microwave ovens have a grill and defrost function, the same is true of the new Xiaomi product.

microwave Mijia 3

The Mijia brand is mainly an ecosystem of IoT products, therefore the new stove also has wireless Wi-Fi. In the Mi Home app, there are more than 30 different recipes that we can prepare using a microwave oven, step by step.

The product is cool, but only Chinese speakers will be able to use it fully. Microwave supports the Xiaomi virtual voice assistant called Xiao AI. Unfortunately, Xiaomi is still working on new languages ​​for their virtual helper, for today Xiao AI only understands Chinese.

The Mijia microwave oven was priced in China at 399 yuan, $ 58.

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