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Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

Behind me two weeks with the latest night lamp from Xiaomi. I have already added one entry regarding the lamp in which I presented how it is packed and what is in the box. You can read the entry from unpacking here, now I will focus on the use experience and compare it to Night lamp Yeelight.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

The lamp can be divided into three parts:

  • base in which there is a microphone and a USB-C socket for powering the bedside lamp
  • rotating luminous part
  • button at the top

Manual control

The lamp can be turned on by pressing the button once. When the lamp is lit you can adjust the intensity of light - dim or light it by turning the top dome around. Turning to the left causes the lamp to become less and less, and the rotation to the right increases the power.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp

The second function of the button is to change the color of light. Pressing and holding the button, and then rotating the same as if we wanted to dim the lamp, changes the color to one of the 16 millions of colors. As long as we hold the button and rotate it, the color will change.

A fast, double click button changes the light mode. Lighting in various colors or warm / cold light.

The last function of the button is holding for three seconds. The lamp will go into night mode or will start the music mode (the light color will change to the rhythm of the music). In this aspect, the new lamp dominates the Yeelight product. As I mentioned, the Philips lamp has a microphone, and the Yeelight product uses the built-in smartphone. The Yeelight must always have the application turned on and you can not use your smartphone.

Smart functions

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

We support all Philips Xiaomi products in the Mi Home application. You can turn on and off, change the color and adjust the light intensity, which is all you can do manually.

In the application, ready-made scenes created by programmers are activated. The lamp will adopt the right color for reading or more elaborate modes like: Sunset Glow, Pink Romance or Ocean and Sky. For example, in Sunset Glow mode, the lamp will smoothly change the color between red, orange and yellow.

You can also activate the Sleep or Wake-up mode. In Sleep mode, define how many minutes the lamp should turn off. The wake-up mode will start the light with a gentle light at the set time and fixed day, you can synchronize with the alarm clock.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

Integration with Mi Band

There are two options to choose from: automatic activation when we are close with the wristband and off when we leave or automatically turn off the light when Mi Band detects that we have fallen asleep If we want the light to turn on when we approach only at certain times it is no problem, we define the hours of operation in the application. Just like sensitivity, how close we must approach. In autumn and winter it will be a useful function when the day is getting shorter.

Defined operating hours

The lamp has a timer and you can define in which hours it should turn on and off automatically. For example, every day from 20 until midnight. Unfortunately, you can not define in what mode, the light color is to start working. The previous mode will start before being disabled.

Integration with other Xiaomi Smart Home devices

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp reviewZhirui Smart Bedside Lamp can be combined into scenes with all devices that we have in the Mi Home application. The picture shows what a lamp can do when it receives a signal from another device.

BLE Gateway

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp reviewThe last function of the Philips lamp is BLE Gateway. The device can play the role of "mother, central unit" for another device that only has Bluetooth. The Xiaomi offer is such a device temperature and humidity sensor, where Wi-Fi has been specifically abandoned for the BLE Gateway functionality to provide longer battery life. Although the thermometer does not have Wi-Fi, it is thanks to the mother of BLE Gateway that we can access it from anywhere on earth and we can connect to scenes with other smart home devices.

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Yeelight or Philips which night lamp to choose?Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

The Philips product looks better, and Yeelight has better software. In Zhirui there is a lack of such scenes as sunrise / sunset. You can read about these scenes in the Yeelight product review. On the other hand, the Philips product has the advantage if you want to use music mode.

Xiaomi PHILIPS Zhirui Smart Bedside Lamp review

Light sources such as lamps or bulbs can be combined into groups to control all at once. There is no way that both Philips and Yeelight products are in one group. You can create a scene at Mi Home in which we will add a group of Yeelight and Philips devices, so you can turn off all the lights in your home. However, you still will not be able to smoothly dim.

If you already have Philips or Yeelight lighting products, in my opinion you should opt for the same night lamp. I would choose Yeelight Bedside Lamp, I like their products more.

Lighting products can be divided into several categories. I present which manufacturer will show a better choice in a given field:

E27 bulbs - Yeelight
Bedside lamp - Yeelight (small advantage compared to Philips)
Ceiling lamp - Yeelight
Desk lamp - Yeelight

Ceiling eyes (concealed) - Philips
E14 bulbs - Philips

If you are interested in the Philips Zhirui night light it is available here.

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