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Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish - Xiaomi soap
Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish

Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish

Daawno did not add anything, shame. I need to get to work. Some new products have arrived, some ideas are, it will be fine. What today? Automatic soap dispenser, from whom? Of course, that Chinese giant with an orange logo. Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish reached me at the workshop. I ordered from two different stores, one package went missing and the other journey lasted a month, a bit weak but important that it already is.

A little Xiaomik box, but nice, shapely.

Xiaomi added a pictorial user manual, does anyone really need to assemble a two-liner puzzle?

The set includes 250ml soap, three "fingers" batteries, an information sheet in Chinese and the device itself - Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish.

xiaomi soap

Soap Fa, Xiaomi boasts that "destroys" 99,9% of bacteria. I am left to believe Chinese scientists.

At the top there is a nozzle, "spits out" soap in the form of foam. Below is an infrared sensor that covers the palm of the hand and during the 0,25 seconds it smears the hand with whipped cream, i.e. soap. From the back place three AA sticks included in the kit. Xiaomi does not tell how long it lasts, there is no information about the state of charge. If the soap does not leave, it means it's time.

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The device after a complicated folding process looks nice, it will not disfigure the bathroom. Action? Also very good. Just place your hand under the nozzle and put on a mummy soap. Without touching the soap dish, without germs. For the fullness of the "smart" handwashing, I still need water to flow without the need to "unscrew" the tap. I am waiting for Xiaomi batteries.


Is it worth buying? In my opinion, yes. For me a great thing, very comfortable use. If your child is uncomfortably washing his hands, I think that the Xiaomi gadget will be a lot of fun and help convince the child to hygiene. The container can be filled with your soap when I'm exhausted I will buy a replacement. Do you recommend any? Has anyone of you experienced in choosing soaps?

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Yes, the device "farts" during soaping, in the sun the only minus. It could be silent.