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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 review

The Mi Max series are Xiaomi smartphones with a really big screen. The first generation had a 6,44 inch screen. Nowadays, smartphones with the 5,5 screen have become the standard, which is why the Mi Max series had to grow to still cause the wow effect. Check what it means to really have a big screen with a big battery, 5500 mAh.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Xiaomi Mi max 3


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 has a diagonal 6,9 inch, no cut-out or so-called Notch. Full HD + resolution with 350 ppi, screen aspect ratio is 18: 9. The ratio of the screen size to the entire smartphone body is 85,19%. Despite the significant enlargement of the screen, the smartphone itself has grown minimally. The original Xiaomi Mi Max / Max 2 has the dimensions 174,1 x 88,7 x 7,6 mm, the dimensions Mi Max 3 are 176,1 x 87,4 x 7,99 mm. The screen is really great, but you do not have to worry about work ergonomics. Natural service means holding in one hand and handling in the other. It can also be operated with one hand, after a few years with smartphones I have enough trained wrists that I manage quite well with such a great phone.

Xiaomi Mi mAx 3 look

Xiaomi resigned from the popular notch. Mi Max 3 has full shapes, both at the top and bottom. All sensors are mounted in the standard position next to the speaker for conversations. The front camera has been improved from 5 Mpx to 8 Mpx. Supports unlocking the face with a smartphone, so-called face unlock and background blur thanks to AI.

A good, secure grip provides a rounded housing on the back. Like other smartphones, the Mi Mix 3 also has a dual vertical camera at the back. Next to it there is a fingerprint reader located centrally in the center of the casing. The smartphone is equipped with a USB-C socket at the bottom and an 3,5 mm audio socket at the top. At the top there is also an infrared port, in the flagship Mi 8 Xiaomi gave up this technology but in this model returned. It allows remote control of other devices, eg TV, projector or air conditioning.

Giant's performance

The brain of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is the Snapdragon 636 processor, an octa-core processor clocked at 1,8 GHz. It is supported by the Adreno 509 graphic layout. Such a unit translates into 119902 points in the Antutu performance test. Big smartphones are bought to: a) watch movies b) play games. In both categories, the Mi Max 3 is doing well. Xiaomi offers a dedicated application that stops unnecessary system options to further accelerate the operation of the smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi mAx 3 antutu

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Camera

On the back, as I mentioned, there is a double vertical 12 Mpx + 5 Mpx camera. It offers photo quality on the Redmi Note 5 level, so there is no revelation. Supports Dual-PD dual-focusing and AI scene recognition. As for a budget smartphone, it does well, but there is nothing to expect miracles. It was not created for that.

Xiaomi Mi mAx 3 antutu

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2x battery greater than the iPhone X

Battery capacity in the Mi Max 3 has been increased compared to its predecessor from 5300 mAh to 5500 mAh. According to the official data presented by Xiaomi, electricity is enough for 17 hours of video viewing. How does this translate into reality? During my intensive use, the smartphone withstood 2 days and + XXUMX% battery remaining. Of course, all systems (GPS, LTE, Wi-Fi etc. included) in my opinion this is a great result.

If, however, someone lacks electricity, the new generation supports quick charging of the Quick Charge 3.0, the first time in the history of the Mi Max series. The smartphone can also work like a powerbank and charge another device if necessary.


If you like large screens, you travel a lot to purchase the Mi Max 3 will be a very good choice. Work on the battery is sensational for today. Watching movies on Netflix, Youtube on the 6,9 screen is much more comfortable. And who is not Max Max 3 for? For people who wear a smartphone in trousers, its size then interferes with everyday activities.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 I bought in the store

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