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Xiaomi Mi 9 [unpacking] - I can already write that it is the best smartphone for 1500 PLN

After many weeks of waiting, this year's Xiaomi flagship reached me. Originally planned to order in China, but the availability was negligible. If Mi 9 was available, the price was prohibitive. Then the Chinese giant announced that the flagship will also debut very quickly in Europe. The official European premiere took place during the MWC exhibition in Barcelona, ​​in the first European projection Mi 9 was available in Italy and Spain. I did not like the price and the version, the Amazon store offered only 6 GB RAM + 6 GB ROM and it is expensive, I decided that I do not order and wait for a better offer.

Only 1899 PLN in Poland for Mi 9, but the inventory levels were virtually nil

When Mi 9 he came to Poland I was shocked by the low price, starting with 1899 PLN for the 6 / 64 GB model. If you need more space for data, the 100 GB model is available for 128 PLN. Excellent prices for a flagship. Immediately I ordered a more expensive blue model in pre-order and I waited ... I waited ... until finally, after a month, I canceled the order, how much can I ...

More or less after three weeks of waiting for the "Polish order" in the Banggood store appeared a coupon on the Mi 9 version 6 / 64GB. The price with the coupon is only 1500 PLN, or 400 PLN cheaper than in Poland. I do not need a lot of space for data, and the low price convinced me to buy.

Here you have a link to the store and a coupon, if you are interested, remember to choose Priority Direct Mail shipping:

Price: $ 382.99 ~~ 1476 PLN
Coupon: BG6M96G5
link: Mi 9 Banggood

After about two weeks of ordering, Mi 9 reached me, the parcel was well secured with an air bag during transport.

The box and the shape of the smartphone made a much better impression on me than the Mi Mix 3. The package shimmers very well depending on the incident light, until now my smartphones had one-colored boxes, and here a "colorful" novelty. Like a trifle and really enjoys pulling out the device, finally something new.

Inside the box, apart from the Mi 9, there are also: a charger, power cord, silicone case, a needle for removing the SIM card trays and an adapter for a headphone jack, which is a complete standard.

First impressions when I took this year's Xiaomi flagship in my hand? But he is light and thin. Mi 9 has a rounded casing at the back, so it fits better in the hand than the iPhone X, it is also definitely lighter. It gently "bothers" me bigger size, I have minor problems with reaching the top of the screen while handling with one hand, but it's a matter of a few days and the muscles will learn a new movement to operate the smartphone.

Mi 9 is definitely the fastest smartphone I have had the pleasure to use, AnTuTu tests do not lie. I use it only 48h and I can recommend it now, in contrast to the impractical block like Mi Mix 3. Nine have everything you need all the more for such a low price - 1500 PLN.

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