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Xiaomi Mi 9 Battle Angel will have a cheaper variant with 8 GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition is in my opinion the most beautiful 2018 smartphone of the year. Transparent back looks amazing, it does not bother me that the visible components "do not work", they only fulfill the visual aspect. It is important how the device presents itself and is beautiful.

The new flagship Mi 9 also has its own transparent version, this time the name was taken from the Chinese movie - Mi 9 Battle Angel. So far, the transparent model is available only in China. Xiaomi did not decide on a global presentation at the MWC in Barcelona together with the normal variant of the Mi 9. You have to buy on your own from China, but I have good news will be cheaper.

Xiaomi Mi 9 Battle Angel with 8 GB RAM

Xiaomi Mi 9 Battle Angel

Mi 9 Battle Angel previously had only one variant of 12 GB RAM and 256 GB space for data. Next month, this is going to change and the model with 8 GB of RAM will go on sale, the ROM will be kept and it will still be 256GB. For sure, this will reduce the price, 12 RAM GB + 256 GB ROM costs 3999 yuan or $ 600. The price for the weaker version has not been disclosed yet, I bet about $ 560.

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