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Xiaomi is working on a mouse pad for Mi 9 wireless charging

On the Weibo social network, all cream from the management of Xiaomi is active. It is the source of many first-hand information about new products, promotions and important information from the company's life. We know yesterday that Xiaomi is working on a new washer.

Xiaomi is working

Wang Teng Thomas announced that Xiaomi will soon release a new mouse pad with indicative charging. The product is necessary to take full advantage of the Mi 9 potential. The offer is just one, but it supports charging power to 10W. The new Mi 9 flagship can be charged twice as much as the 20W, which significantly reduces the charging time.

The first version of MIIIW was nice, but I do not like it. In the right upper corner has a backlit volume control knob connected via a bluetooth device. In my opinion, this is an unnecessary function, I do not use it. As for me, the producer can quit using the knob. Just an indexer with an indicative loading on the right side.

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There are rumors that Xiaomi is also working on a new wireless mouse, but this information has not been confirmed by the company's management.