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Xiaomi invites you to the presentation of a new product, is it Mi 8 Youth?

Rumors about the new Mi 8 flagship model have been published online for a week. This morning, Xiaomi has released an excellent message to all fans of the brand. The Chinese giant through the Weibo network presented the graphics on which he invites Chengdu to present the new product.

Xiaomi invites you to the presentation of a new product, is it Mi 8 Youth Edition?

There is no information on the poster what the product will be, but a smart eye will see on the smartphone poster. Located at the bottom, it has two cameras positioned horizontally. The same system of lenses according to leaks is to have the Mi 8 Youth Edition. I published the photos a few days ago here. Are you wondering why Mi 8 Youth Edition is Mi 8 SE? In my opinion, the new model will have B20, which is missing in Mi 8 SE, so it will be an international version of Mi 8 SE.

What is known about Mi 8 Youth Edition so far?

It is to be equipped with a 6.26 diagonal screen with 2280 x XUMUM pixel resolution. The processor is Snapdragon 1080 provided by Qualcomm. The selfie camera is the 710 megapixel matrix, while the dual side is 24 MP + 12 MP. The whole will be powered by a battery with the 5 mAh capacity.

The probable price for the Mi 8 Youth Edition is 1999 yuan, $ 290.

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