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Xiaomi launches a new speaker with the virtual assistant Xiao AI for sale

Another novelty presented yesterday by Xiaomi is a new version of the speaker with a virtual voice assistant. The most important information for most of you is the supported language. Xiao AI still understands only in Chinese, so for me and most of you it is useless ...

virtual assistant of Xiao AI

The new version of the speaker is in black, the previous model had a housing in white. The dimensions of the speaker are 95 mm x 95 mm x 140, the weight is 468g. The loudspeaker does not have a built-in battery, it must be connected to the 230V network at all times. On the back of the casing there is a microUSB socket for power supply.

At the top there are several buttons to activate / deactivate the microphone, adjust the volume and pause button. The loudspeaker supports Bluetooth in the 4.1 version and a Wi-Fi connection for communication with other devices. If you have mastered the Chinese language then you can ask the loudspeaker, eg about the weather, the hour, change the radio station or control the smart home devices.

The only useful feature for people who do not speak Chinese are phone calls and music streaming .. in short, do not buy ..

The new, black Mijia speaker from Xiao AI has been priced in China on the 199 junny, $ 29. The price is attractive, just a pity that it does not support English ...

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