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Xiaomi launches a new version of the multifunctional NexTool tool for sale

In November, a similar product, including the NexTool brand, was added to the Youpin platform. After several months, NexTool decided to present a new model, which this time was created by Guangdong Baichuangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. This is not a brand of Xiaomi, but NexTool. Lei Juna is only responsible for marketing and sharing the sales channel.

The new multifunctional tool measures 133 mx 40.5 mm and is made of 30CR13 steel. Withstands both low and high temperatures. The device has 9 different functions depending on how we distribute it, there are, among others: knife, pliers, key, saw, cutter, file and screwdriver with a cross and a flat tip.

The new multifunctional NexTool tool has been priced in China on 99 yuan, $ 15. I do not know why Youpin disappeared the older version that I described here, the older model had 16 function.

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Both models are available in the Banggood shop:
NextTool 16 features
NextTool 9 features

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