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Xiaomi launches the compact OneMoon dishwasher

Dishwasher is one of the more useful household appliances that we buy for the kitchen. Some people have chosen a lonely lifestyle and do not need a dishwasher with a large capacity. Turning on the dishwasher every few days or a part of the dishwasher is pointless. That's why Xiaomi together with the OneMoon company present a compact dishwasher, ideal for people who live alone.

The new dishwasher has already collected the required amount on the 247 funding platform, and the collection will last for 13 days. I think it will easily beat 1000%.

Xiaomi launches the compact OneMoon dishwasher

The compact dishwasher was manufactured by Hangzhou Lexiu Electronic Technology Co. What characterizes the new product is compact size. On the front there is a button to start the dishwasher. The smart functions in the new dishwasher involve optimizing the washing. Thanks to the internal sensor, the dishwasher will recognize the degree of soiling of dishes inside and will select the appropriate washing program and duration.

Xiaomi launches the compact OneMoon dishwasher

It is a very economical product because it consumes only 5 of water for one wash. When washing dishes in a traditional way, we would use 4x more water manually.

The water inside reaches the temperature of 70 degrees, thanks to which Xiaomi is able to eliminate 99,9% of bacteria.

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Xiaomi launches the compact OneMoon dishwasher

The compact OneMoon dishwasher was priced in China for 1299 yuan, $ 187. Shipping to first customers will begin on November 30 2018. What I like about it is the transparent glass, when I was small I was always curious how the washing process looks like.

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