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Xiaomi has created an ultra-light mobile internet browser Mint Browser

Mint Browser is the name of the new internet browser for mobile devices, the creator of which is Xiaomi. The browser is currently available only on the Android platform. Due to low requirements, it works very well on devices that do not offer enormous computing power or have little RAM. You can download the Mint Browser from Play Store, the browser only weighs 10MB.

Xiaomi has created an ultra-light mobile internet browser Mint Browser

Xiaomi has created an ultra-light mobile internet browser Mint Browser

Apart from the small size, the Browser Browser is also characterized by a simple interface, the developers have not given up the practical functions of popular browsers such as: incognito browsing, reading mode or voice search which uses the Googla API. If you have purchased a small data packet from your mobile operator, you can block the loading of images that use the most transfer. Fans of browsing the net in bed will be able to turn on the night mode to relieve the eyes.

In advanced settings, developers have included an option that is not always in the browser code, we talk about switching the display mode. There are four options available: Android, Computer, iPhone and iPad. For example, if we choose the last option, the page will be loaded as if we were in the hands of a tablet with a bitten apple.

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I launched the Xiaomi Mint Browser browser on the new Mi Mix 3 frameless frame and the pages really load in a flash. If you have a weaker phone and you are upset by the charging time, I recommend trying it out. I miss one thing, search for words on the page by entering the password in the address bar at the top. I do not know why but this option is only Safari on the iPhone, in browsers that I use on Android to find something, then I need to click on an Apple patent? Like a trifle and really practical in everyday use.

As I mentioned a few months ago, I use the browser on a daily basis Brave. Includes advanced adblock, automatically blocks ads and scripts that follow us on the web. Developers are also working on rewards for watching ads during normal browsing. Brave is a very interesting project, I hope that Google will not buy it and will not kill it.

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