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Xiaomi Express, we know the prices of Xiaomi courier services in China

At the beginning of July I published the first entry regarding the new Xiaomi Express service. The Chinese giant struggled with problems in the last phase of the order, that is on the way from the warehouse to the customer. Xiaomi decided to take matters into his own hands and created his own courier service. Orders are designed to reach consumers faster and cheaper. Xiaomi Express offers three types of shipping:

  • basic 10 yuan, $ 1,5
  • delivery in 24 hours 18 yuan, $ 2,6
  • same day delivery by 18: 00 22 yuan, $ 3,2

The service is available only in China, if it works, it will also be implemented in India. In this country, Xiaomi is a leader in both the sale of smartphones and TV sets.

The Xiaomi brand was created just 9 years ago and is growing at a frantic pace. It has a wide product portfolio and is slowly entering the service sector. In this year's ranking Fortune Global 500, Lei Jun ranked 468 and is the youngest company among all five hundred on the list.

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