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Xiaomi Electric Shaver - unfortunately, it has happened.

Xiaomi Electric Shaver

I described my first unpleasant impressions of the first moments with a portable Xiaomi electric razor in the unboxing entry. Did I change my mind about Xiaomi Electric Shaver? People who have been tracking my twitter have long since known.

Xiaomi Electric Shaver - something improved?

That's what I wrote earlier unfortunately it turned out to be true and time did not help.

With enthusiasm I started the first shaving, as I wrote at the beginning a very long time I did not shave to zero. You could say that I cut my hair. I was very unpleasantly disappointed, the xiaomi electric shaver pinched, she shaved inaccurately. A large part of facial hair has gone away. I shaved 15 minutes and I could not shave in a satisfactory way. I have read in the user's manual that it takes time for the skin to adapt to the new way of shaving. After 9 shaves, three times a week, for three weeks, shaving should be comfortable. At least that's what Xiaomi declares, we'll see.

The text from the user manual in which it is written that with time the shave will be more and more comfortable to drink on water, at least in my case. It is weak, poor, and tweaks all the time. Several times I tried over 15 minutes to shave off the leftover hair here, but none of the machine kept avoiding it. I tried at various angles, then nothing. This is a strikte travel product, but in my opinion it is not even fault-tolerant. The very idea of ​​a product, a small compact razor I like very much. The appearance and materials from which it was also made, however, Xiaomi forgot about the most important, shaving, is tragic. Buying Xiaomi Electric Shaver is money thrown in the mud. End of dot.

There is light in the tunnel, a new machine!

Recently, Xiaomi presented a new shaving machine Xiaomi MJTXD01SKS 360 Degree. I think it will be a much better product than its predecessor. Priceily, there is not much difference, a few dollars more expensive than the Xiaomi dud. I ordered, I am waiting, I will check. Meanwhile..

I checked the Chinese for a similar price

Life with Xiaomi Electric Shaver was heavy, I had to correct with a traditional razor. After a month of fighting, I decided to check another razor at the same price I paid for the Xiaomi equipment. There was not yet a new model that I wrote about above, so the choice fell on something at a similar price. I bought FLYCO FS339 3D for $ 33 in the Gearbest store, so even a few dollars cheaper.

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FLYCO FS339 3D is better than the Xiaomi product?


Definitely! This machine can be used, shaves well. I have never had branded shavers from the upper shelf, but I am happy with this product. It is true that the materials from which it was made are pennies than in the case of Xiaomi, but it went down in the background, it's important that it shaves! At the beginning I had a slight irritation on the neck, but now it does not occur. I've been using it for over a month and I have not loaded it yet, the display shows 12% of battery. If someone is planning to buy a shaving machine then Flyco FS339 I recommend. The set includes a velvet pouch and a cleaning brush.


With a clear conscience, I can write that the hashtag #XiaomiLepsze does not always work. Now I am waiting for a new Xiaomi razor, I hope it will overthrow Flyco, hopefully everything must return to normal.

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