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Xiaomi and Ninebot presented new electric rollers

Xiaomi presented new products at yesterday's conference. The vast majority offered artificial intelligence and compatibility with the virtual assistant Xiao AI. New rollers / shoes / ice skates, heaps like heaps are a product that is obviously devoid of this functionality. They work on the same principle as hoverboards, with the difference that each leg moves separately.

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After switching on, the device "holds" the balance. You should then put your foot on one of the "rollers" and then do the same with the other. During the entire maneuver, be careful that you do not accidentally tilt the weight of the body forward with the first leg because we will move forward which will probably end in a fall.

Once we are standing on both rolls, moving the weight on the toes will drive forward, and when the weight is transferred to the heels, it will go backwards. Each of the rolls weighs 2,6kg and according to the manufacturer's recommendations it is intended for people from 5 to 50 years with a maximum weight of 80 kg.

Six 18650 batteries are responsible for ensuring adequate power, they offer up to 80 minutes of travel on a single charge. The maximum speed that Mijia rolls are able to reach is 10 km / h, they are also able to overcome an elevation with an angle of inclination of not more than 10 degrees.

New electric rollers were priced in China at 999 yuan, $ 144.

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