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Xiaomi already has 500 millions of active users around the world

Chief Financial Officer Xiaomi Zhou Guangping said today in an interview that Xiaomi's revenues from Internet services in the Q1 2019 year increased by 31.8% compared to last year. Such a large increase is the result of a very fast growing number of Mi fans around the world. In the past month, the number of active users of products with the Mi logo exceeded 500 million.

Xiaomi focuses on three categories: smartphones + IoT + Internet. In recent years, the smartphone market has slowed down, in my opinion the boom for IoT products awaits us now. Just look at the numbers and the upward trend. The network already has 171 millions of IoT devices from Xiaomi and this is an increase of 70% year-on-year. If the offer of Xiaomi in the field of Smart Home, e.g. refrigerator, televisions was available all over the world, the result would be even better!

Global access to products, patches in the software and Xiaomi will be unmatched in the near future. There is no other company on the market with such a developed Smart Home ecosystem.

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