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Xiaomi AirDots review - very good sound quality for a low price
Xiaomi AirDots

AirDots headphones are the first of its kind wireless headphones in the wide range of products offered by Xiaomi. If you are interested in how exactly AirDots look or what is in the box, I refer to this entry.

Sound quality

The headphones are equipped with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology that allows you to use stereo sound when using two headphones at the same time. Inside each of the headphones there is 7,2 mm speaker which offers very good sound quality. There is no artificially conquered bass like in Beats headphones. If you like artificial bass you will probably be disappointed, I'm happy. It is clean, natural and can be loud.

Ease of use

The headphones are very light, each one weighs only 4.2 gram and has a 40 mAh battery inside. Something for something, this design allows you to play music in stereo mode by 4 hours. If we use only one handset, the time is longer by one hour, ie 5 hours. After inserting in a case which is also a powerbank, the playing time increases to 12 hours which is already a good result.

The level of charge of the headphones can be viewed from the phone

Each headphone has a touch panel. Just tap to stop playback, touch again to resume playing music. If someone just calls, the tap will answer the call. A double tap calls a virtual assistant I will mention later.

From minuses during everyday use are headphone messages, e.g. low-battery built-in. They are all unfortunately in Chinese. The plus is that after a while you will learn them and you will already know a few phrases in your native Xiaomi language.

If the battery will be close to discharging, we will notice it also after the LED located on each of the headphones.

Xiaomi AirDots
The headphones are loaded in the case

AirDotsy and gym

At the beginning, I complained that it was uncomfortably put in the ear. After time, I can say that I got used to it. AirDots are good in your ears. While exercising at the gym, it happened occasionally that the earpiece gently slipped out. By what I lost the "vacuum effect" which occurs in headphones such as AirDots. It is enough to press lightly and after the problem. I once used headphones on the gym: Beats and Beoplay H8. When I was lying on a bench, it fell off my head and it deconcerted me terribly. With AirDotsami, there is no problem, they do not fall out and it is a definite plus!


This is the only issue where AirDots have minor problems. Quite often it happens to me that when I stop playing music and run again, after turning on by 2-3, only one handset plays the game. After these few seconds the second automatically joins in stereo mode, but probably lag is.

It may be a matter of connection, because in bluetooth settings on the phone we connect to the right handset (Mi Airdots BASIC_R), and it automatically connects to the left and create a stereo mode.

AirDots headphones are compatible with Siri / Google Assistant.

My last "love" is the use of the virtual assistant, I use Siri the most. The ability to activate scenes from the Mi Home application is a practical and useful solution. To call a virtual helper with the AirDots headphones in your ears, just tap the phone twice and that's all. You can talk, give an order.

Is it worth buying Xiaomi AirDots?

I am positively surprised with the sound quality of the headphones. In my opinion, they are very good and do not stand out from more expensive competitors. In my opinion, the quality is on the same level as Apple's AirPods. They are small and light so you do not get tired of your ears. As of today, headphones are only available in China, but in in the summer they have to hit Europe.

An order from China is a simple matter. Additionally in the store At the moment there is a promotion for headphones Xiaomi AirDots just use the discount code "XMAirdots" to lower the price to $ 39.99. In my opinion, they are worth the price. If you do not like to wait then shop Geekbuying has headphones in the Polish warehouse, but the price is higher.

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