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Xiaomi Ai Speaker - home assistant not for us.

xiaomi ai speaker

Home assistant, voice control center smart home. Google has it, it has Amazon, Apple has announced it for now, but it also has Xiaomi. The product with the logo Mi aggressively goes to fight the competition, low price. The official price for a smart speaker from Chinese is 45 $, when HomePod from Apple is to cost 350 $. Despite the low price, the product is currently not worth buying.

xiaomi ai speakervoice assistant xiaomixiaomi ai speaker

Xiaomi Ai Speaker reminds you with its shape air filter. It also has a "perforated" casing to distribute the sound, but the size is much smaller, the size of a liter bottle. It is made of matt plastic. The set includes the 12V / 2A power supply. The use of an adapter is required.

xiaomi ai speaker

At the top there is a control panel, with a few basic buttons for switching songs, volume control. Connects via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can connect and play music from your smartphone. The Xiaomi Ai Speaker delivers 360 audio but is of inferior quality than in Xiaomi Network Speaker.

A nice feature is the ability to make phone calls if the speaker is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

xiaomi ai speaker app
Time for the functions of the home control center ..

..and here, unfortunately, poorly. The product is adapted only to the Chinese market. The application is completely in Chinese. Both for iOS and confectioners. When configuring the device, the application asks us to determine our home location and work - for information on traffic jams, but only addresses available in China. We can also choose our favorite artists, also only Chinese performers - I did not find Gangnam style ..


This time it is a very short review, there is no need to write long. I do not recommend Xiaomi Ai Speaker for today. There are only two reasons why you could buy it. Option number one, you know Chinese - write to me as soon as possible and advise me how to start learning! Option number two, you want to buy cheap 360 speaker degrees. Just what is the point to place a wired speaker in the middle of the room? It's definitely better to choose as I wrote Xiaomi Network Speaker which offers better sound quality.

I wonder what will happen first: Polish Siri, or Xiaomi's intelligent speaker speaking to us in English, not Chinese. I think, unfortunately, we will not see long winners ...


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