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Xiaomi AI English Teacher - "revolutionary" new Xiaomi product

Yesterday one of the co-founders of Xiaomi, Wang Chuan reported that today Xiaomi will present a breakthrough product, something that has never been. A product that would change his life if it was created faster ... I had no idea what it could be ...

Xiaomi AI English Teacher

As it turned out today, this breakthrough product is a virtual translator. The device is to make it easier for people in China to communicate in English, both cessation and writing without even basic language skills. On the side edge of the device there are buttons for translating words in real time. For me, the way of learning is definitely more interesting.

Xiaomi AI English Teacher is to facilitate traveling and potential learning. The device will not only translate every word, but will show exactly how it should be pronounced and even assess how we are doing. It will help to show in an animated way how to move the mouth and language to pronounce the word correctly. In the case of text in the back there is a lens to take a picture and translate the text in front of us.

Xiaomi has also added some mini games for which we will receive points to encourage learning. Using Xiaomi AI English Teacher you can also compete with others, just pair two devices together to face the knowledge of English.

The device works via Wi-Fi and has a slot for a SIM card in a more expensive version. A big plus for "standby" on the built-in battery is 25 days in standby mode.

Xiaomi AI English Teacher

Xiaomi AI English Teacher, translator Xiaomi has been priced in China on 499 junny, $ 73 for model 2 / 16GB and 999 yuan for model 3 / 64GB from 4G.

I honestly write that I was counting on something more. Unfortunately, another product only for people who speak Chinese ...

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