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Xiaomi has added a compact water purifier to Youpin

The Youpin sales platform contains many interesting products, one of them is a new device for sterilizing water. Sky Innovation Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd has created a device in the shape of a thermometer that emits UV light to purify water.

compact device for water purification

The dimensions of the product are 196 mm x 29 mm x 30 mm, it weighs only 137g. Inside there is a battery with the 2200 mAh capacity. The built-in link is enough for two and a half hours of work. In the case of discharging, connect to the charger via a USB type C socket, the hold to 100% takes three and a half hours.

compact device for water purification

How does the device work? Remove the lid, put the "lamp" in a glass of water and press the button on the bottom. During 90 seconds UV light will sterilize the water in the glass. The producer declares that the water will be clean and drinkable (it will fight 99,9% of pollutants). The lifetime of the UV lamp is 15 000 hours.

youpin water uv

If the product is really able to clean water from the river, it is an ideal gadget for people who are going to the camp, for scouts. In the set together with the "purifier" we get a charging cord and case.

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The compact water purification device was priced at Youpin for 149 yuan, $ 22. It is already available in the store Banggood.

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