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Xiaomi added the first Yunmai massager to the financing platform

Yunmai is a brand on the Youpin platform which in its portfolio has many products designed for physically active people. My last "golden shot" are pump handles. Now Yunmai comes with the first massager who went to the crowndfunding campaign. In just 48 hours, the massager won 961% of the amount needed, and 12 days remained until the end of the collection.

The full name of the Yunmai brand is Zhuhai Yunmai Technology Co., Ltd. The massager is intended for use after physical activity. Did you do heavy leg training? The day after you have terrible sores, and the next day is even worse? I always have it, if after a longer break I will return to training. Through 3 days I have difficulties with sitting down and going down the stairs. All basic activities by 72h turn out to be definitely more difficult than training for an hour.

Yunmai massager

The new massager presented by Yunmai is to help the muscles relax and regenerate faster. It offers three levels of intensity: from 1800 rpm to 3200 rpm. In order to better match the shape of the massaged muscle, the set includes 4 types of rotating heads.

The device operates wirelessly, is powered by a built-in battery with the 1600 mAh capacity. The manufacturer declares that the built-in link is enough for 7 massage hours at the lowest intensity level. In the case of the most powerful massage, work time on one charge drops to 4 hours.

Yunmai massager was priced in China at 799 yuan, $ 115. Shipping to first customers will begin on 12 on July, 2019 year. Included with the massager and interchangeable heads will get a travel case to transport the whole and of course the charger.

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