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Xiaomi added more running shoes to the Youpin platform

After a few weeks of drought, the 90Fun brand along with Xiaomi presents a new product on a crowdfunding platform - light running shoes. As usual for all products, new shoes have already collected the required amount. During 24 hours we managed to collect 219% of the needed sum, and until the end of the collection there were still 13 days.

The new shoes were made for urban running. 90Fun ensures that the specially constructed EVA rubber sole and TPU plastic will work very well during the next kilometers on hard asphalt and pavements.

The outer cushion cover is made of breathable material and, what is important, it contains reflective elements. If you run after dark, your sportswear must have reflective elements, it is good that 90Fun remembers that.

The shoes will be available in three colors: black, gray and blue. The size is European and starts with the 40 number and ends with 44. The weight of one shoe is 190g, this is the value for the 42 size.

90Fun running shoes have been priced on the Youpin platform for 169 yuan, $ 25. Shipping to the first people who supported the project will start 22 July 2019 year.

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