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Xiaomi has added a smart lock to Youpin with face recognition

How long does it take to withdraw keys from the pocket and open the lock? It takes a few seconds for men, and it takes much longer for women and their bags. Xiaoyang R5 is a new lock added to Youpin which thanks to artificial intelligence 3D Sense ID is able to open the lock within 0,6 seconds by scanning the face.

There are several types of intelligent locks available in Youpin offer, which enable unlocking the door via a fingerprint reader, entering a PIN or zooming in with the Mi Band band equipped with an NFC module. The Xiaoyang brand went a step further and presented a new model of the intelligent R5 lock that has an advanced 3D face recognition system, combined with artificial intelligence is able to open the door in less than a second.

Xiaoyang R5

Built-in optical sensor has a wide-angle view (detects persons with an increase from 130 cm to 2 meters). The intelligent R5 lock has built-in infrared LEDs that allow you to work even in low light conditions. Xiaoyang's new product uses face recognition technology and the artificial intelligence algorithm 3D Sense ID, combining both of these technologies according to the manufacturer provides 0,0001% accuracy.

Xiaoyang R5 has a built-in battery with 5000 mAh capacity and provides 5 months of operation of the smart lock without the need for recharging. When the battery level drops below XUMUMX%, the battery symbol will turn red. If the battery is discharged, the lock should be charged from the inside of the flat via the microUSB socket.

The lock is compatible with the Smart Home ecosystem from Xiaomi, i.e. it can be added to the Mi Home application and create scenes with other devices. Sample scenes? When you close the door after 7: 30 (going to work), the autonomous vacuum cleaner will start cleaning or notification on the phone when the door is opened.

Xiaoyang R5

The Xiaoyang R5 intelligent castle is currently in the crowdfunding campaign and has already collected 350% of the needed waste, 28 days remaining until the end of the collection. The castle was priced in China at 2499 yuan, $ 355. Shipping to the first people who supported the project will begin on October 12 2019.

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