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Xiaomi 20W induction charger [unpacking]

Recently described Xiaomi wireless charger about the power of 20W to the car, now it's time for its desktop equivalent. I honestly say that I did not plan to buy it. I ordered a car charger, and the Banggood shop sent me desktop versions by mistake.

Shop Banggood sent me a bad product, what next?

I published the information that I received a bad product on Facebook, I was curious if someone already had a similar problem. Of course I was not the first, one person in the comment wrote that I will get a refund and I will be able to keep the product. That's exactly what happened to my felicitous order. The store's support asked me for photos and product number, and then during 24h returned the entire amount of the order, and the Xiaomi 20W desktop induction charger stayed with me.

The only minus of this situation is time, waiting for the next packet from China. I ordered the car charger again (even managed a few dollars cheaper), let's get back to the desktop version.

You need to buy an additional cord and power supply for the outlet, missing in the set

The set contains only the "charging base" itself, the cable and power adapter / charger are missing. The cable must have a type C USB plug because such a socket has a charging base and the charger must be "strong enough". The charger has worked for me BlitzWolf BW-S5 (read the end of the entry, a small update!), when I connected to the weaker base, it signaled too little current using the diode on the front.

I have already tested the Xiaomi 10W induction charger and there is one feature that combines these two products, very easily catching any dust / dirt. All because of the rubbery surface, of course, it also has a plus: the glass smartphone certainly does not slip off the charging base. The 10W version is in black, the new 20W in white and all dirt can be seen even more. Wiping with a cloth causes additional threads to stick to the material. However, I found a way, it is well cleaned with damp cloths for glasses (a few zlotys for 50 pieces).

What surprised me in the Xiaomi 20W induction charger is the thickness, it is 2x thicker than its weaker, black version. All thanks to cooling, such a high charging power is associated with the need for more efficient cooling. That's why the Xiaomi 20W desk top charger has a built-in fan.

Currently, I use the stand to charge the iPhone X, which does not support charging with 20W, charging is reduced to 10W.

Flagship Xiaomi Mi 9 is the first smartphone in the world that offers wireless charging with 20W power and probably tomorrow I will receive my copy, so I will take full advantage of the "free" stand. By the way, cares whether the charger in the set with the Mi 9 is enough for the Xiaomi 20W induction charger.


I received Xiaomi Mi 9 today and checked the fast charging, unfortunately BlitzWolf BW-S5 about which I mentioned above is not able to handle 20W from the charging base. The charger in the Mi 9 set is also too weak to fully use the potential of the Xiaomi 20W induction charger, please buy the charger with QC 4.0 np this model.

One more update, I received the QN 4.0 charger and unfortunately it does not work as it should. Read the entry on Facebook, I explained what the problem looks like.

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