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Xiaolang TDS - water dispenser with TDS meter is a new product on Youpin

Xiaomi has added a Xiaolang TDS water distributor to the Youpin platform, which is additionally equipped with a TDS meter, thanks to which you will check the quality of water before consumption. The new product was created by Wuhan Huida Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. The product is currently in a crowdfunding campaign, 13 days remain until the end of the collection. For just one day, the distributor collected 292% of the amount needed.

There is no philosophy in operation, there is a touch button at the top for controlling the valve. The quality of water flowing through the hose is automatically checked by the TDS meter.

Xiaolang TDS

The device has a built-in battery that according to the manufacturer will allow you to pump 144 gallons of water. Charging takes place via a microUSB slot, charging time from 0 to 100% is 90 minutes. The dispenser is compatible with 5l, 7.5l, 11l and 18.9l bottles.

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Xiaolang TDS

Xiaolang TDS has been priced in China at 69 yuan, $ 10. Shipping to the first customers will start on June 6.

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