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Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro - another treadmill on the Youpin platform

Walkingpad has become my favorite equipment from "Xiaomi" in recent weeks. I use it every day, mainly while playing on xbox. I've already done almost 300 000 steps on it and I've burned 14063.5 kcal. The maximum speed offered by 6 km / h is perfect for fast walking and playing on the console at the same time. 🙂 When you need something faster ...

Today, a treadmill for more demanding users has been added to the Youpin platform. Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro is definitely bigger than WalkingPad, but offers twice the speed. The treadmill weighs 39.5 kg and is dedicated to people up to 100 kg. The running surface has the dimensions 45 cm x 120 cm.

The manufacturer has used a special mechanism that allows you to spread and prepare the treadmill for exercise in just 10 seconds. After unfolding the dimensions are 1570 mm in length, 630 mm in width and 1150 in height mm. The treadmill is safe for knees, joints because it has a shock absorbing system.

Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro

What I like the most is the screen and control panel. It looks very nice, displays basic data such as distance traveled, speed or the number of calories burned. A nice addition is a special sensor in the right handle after touching which the treadmill will begin to slow down. A much safer method than reaching the knob on the front panel.

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Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro

The treadmill Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro of course connects to the phone, but unfortunately not with the Mi Home application. Due to the fact that it is a product of a company other than Xiaomi, you must use the Xiao Qiao Run application. Using the application, we can set HIT training or use running courses. The virtual trainer, depending on our level of advancement, will prepare a special training to start the adventure with the treadmill efficiently and safely.

Xiao Qiao Smart X3 Pro costs 1999 yuan, $ 298. It is currently in the financing campaign on the Youpin platform which will end in 13 days. For one day, the new treadmill collected 120% of the amount needed. Shipment to the first customers will begin on 24 May. The product is unlikely to be available in Europe.