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With the Ranres device - you will never lose your keys or backpack

If it happened that you lost your keys, or worse, someone stole your backpack during your inattention, I have good news. On the Youpin platform there is an "anti-lost" gadget that will help counteract the adverse effects of your inattention or forgetfulness.

The device is manufactured by Shaanxi Minuo Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. It is characterized by a very small size, only 42 mm x 42 mm x 8 mm and weighs 10 grams. There is already such a product on the market, but the new feature on Youpin has a minimalist and elegant look thanks to the leather strap for hanging on a backpack. The device is powered by a "button" CR2030 battery and according to the manufacturer, one battery is enough for the whole year.

The Ranres gadget has a bi-directional search function with a paired smartphone. On both the device and the telephone level, we can activate the sound signal to locate the second element. If one of the devices deviates at least to 15 meters, an alarm will automatically sound on both devices. Using the application, you can check the last location of eg a backpack.

The "anti-lost" Ranres gadget was priced in China at 99 yuan, $ 15. Three colors are available: white, blue and pink.

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