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"Who says Redmi are just smartphones?" New to 18 in March

Recently I wrote about the Redmi conference in China during which two smartphones will be presented: Redmi 7 and the most powerful Redmi Note 7 Pro. Today, advertising graphics presenting the event and presenting a brand new product were presented. For the first time in the history of Redmi, a device that will not be a smartphone is to be presented!

Who says Redmi are just smartphones?

Who says Redmi are just smartphones?

In the service Weibo you can find the above advertising graphics and a meaningful slogan: "Who says Redmi is just a smartphone?". Let's take a closer look at the graphics, what can you see? The most is in the white Redmi lettering. From the left you can see a brush, a fan, then lenses, reed windows (only why vertically?), Tube and eye that can reveal the camera. Is Redmi going to enter the home automation market? If so, the price will certainly be very attractive.

Everything will be explained by 18 in March during the official conference.

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