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When you play Fornite your smartphone gets really hot? Xiaomi presents the solution

Today in the morning Xiaomi added a cooling system to the back of the smartphone to the Youpin platform. The cooling gadget was created by Shanghai Feizhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, Xiaomi is responsible for marketing and distribution. On Youpin you can find other gadgets from the Feizhi brand for smartphones.

The goal of the new gadget is one, reduce the temperature that the processor generates. According to the manufacturer, the used fan will reduce the temperature of the smartphone by 30%. The assembly is child's play. Feizhi cooling system has three suction cups, using them we attach the device to the back of the phone. Just press the button and the fan size 36 mm will start cooling. In order for the fan to work it must be powered, therefore there is a 700 mAh battery inside the case, ensuring wireless operation.

The Feizhi cooling system costs 79 yuan in China, $ 12.

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