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English-Chinese translator on Youpin, more such genius gadgets!

Some gadgets are less and the other more useful. The Lighten AI translator which was presented on the Youpin platform definitely belongs to a very practical group. Check how in a very useful way you can use the possibility of artificial intelligence.

The new product was collected during the 547 funding campaign for the amount needed. 10 days remain until the end of the collection. Shipping to the first customers will start 23 May 2019 year.

Lighten AI

The intelligent Lighten translator was created by Shanghai Hao Teng Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Its appearance resembles a microphone rather than a translator. Lighten sets up on the desk in front of the book and opens the case to reveal the camera. Then you have to pair the translator from your smartphone using bluetooth. Now that's enough point your finger at the word in the book you do not know, and the translated word automatically appears on the phone. The manufacturer went a step further and the application read the word, so that we could get acquainted with the pronunciation of each word.

Translator Lighten can recognize the vast majority of words written in English with different fonts. The algorithm created by the company supports 2000 fonts! The manufacturer declares the accuracy of text recognition at 98%. After pointing the words with your finger, the translation is instant, just 0,3 seconds! The field of view of the built-in 13 megapixel camera from Sony that recognizes the text is 1750 cm2. This value corresponds to two A4 pages.

The device is compact: 34mm x 34 mm x 162 mm and weighs only 190 grams. You can put it in your backpack and always have it where you need it. Built-in battery with 2600 mAh capacity allows you to work anywhere through 4 hours. When it runs out, it must be charged via a USB Type C socket.

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Do you need to translate the book? newspaper? advertising brochure? No problem. Time for the cons of the device. Unfortunately, Lighten translator can only recognize English words and present Chinese equivalents. Maybe the manufacturer will provide support for other languages ​​in the update. It seems to me that there would be many people who would like to reach for English books with such a helper on their desk.

Lighten AI has been priced on the Chinese market at 399 yuan, $ 60. I would like such a translator but the other way, it would definitely make it easier for me to translate the specifications of Chinese products ..