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Time to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones even longer

In every smartphone from the Xiaomi stable, each time installs a different ROM than it receives at the factory. I buy the devices immediately after the market debut and in most cases they are sent to me with Chinese soft, which is cluttered and does not have many functions. software comes with the help, which is translated into many languages ​​in 100% and has a lot of facilities. However, to install other software you need to unlock the bootloader in the new device.

Time to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones even longer

Time to unlock the bootloader on Xiaomi smartphones even longer

The official unlocking of the bootloader can be done using the Xiaomi application, unfortunately it requires patience. At the beginning you had to wait 72 hours. Then the time was increased to 360 hours, i.e. two weeks and I waited so long to unlock Mi 8. Unfortunately, today it was announced that now you will have to wait 1440 hours for unlocking (2 months), terribly long. For me 14 days have been too long, and wait two months ?! I do not know where the waiting time is so long. I hope that after Xiaomi users' interventions, this time will be shortened to at least 14 days.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 reached me with an unlocked bootloader

A few days ago I received a smartphone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and to my surprise when I launched it at the bottom I saw the word unlocked. I could upload the software in 5 minutes. The shop had to remove the lock from my model by myself because it reached me without a foil. I do not know how they did it, but Xiaomi websites can unlock the bootloader in a few seconds. As you can see the shops also, from now on I will ask them to send me the unlocked device.

What benefits does offer?

Xiaomi Mi mix

I unlock my smartphone only to install the software. There are two versions - stable and weekly. The weekly version receives an update every week which can be performed by the "Updates" application on the Xiaomi smartphone. The software is based on a Chinese version of the development from which unnecessary things were removed and the whole has been translated, for example, into Polish.

This week Mi 8 from is to receive Android 9, and when will it receive the official version of global? Rather not soon. Thanks to for a long time I have had full-screen gestures, face unlocking and other amenities that are everyday for me. When I take the Xiaomi smartphone of another person, I am surprised why some functions do not work.

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