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These products ran out of yesterday Xiaomi conference at MWC

Yesterday we witnessed the largest European Xiaomi conference in the 2019 year. The Chinese giant presented the global variant of Mi 9 at the MWC mobile exhibition in Barcelona. The conference was broadcast on Youtube and Facebook, I ran text relation. It's been a day since this event and I have to write that a few things were missing from it.

Mi 9 Battle Angel and Mi 9 SE

Mi 8 has its own transparent version of the case: Explorer Edition or Pro for Europe. The new generation of Mi 9 in the transparent version is called Battle Angel and ... there was no word about it during yesterday's MWC. At this moment, the most powerful, transparent version of the Mi 9 Battle Angel is available only in China. If you would like to buy it, contact me, I will help you choose the option that's best for you.

Mi 9 SE was a surprise during the Chinese Xiaomi 20 conference in February. Leaks about this smartphone were very few, and the first in the network appeared just a day before the official launch. Unfortunately, Mi 9 SE is another product that Xiaomi did not decide to introduce globally.

No chargers to take full advantage of Mi 9's potential

During the Xiaomi conference, it boasted that Mi 9 has the fastest wireless charging on the market. This is possible thanks to the components of the new flagship and the new inductive charger with 20W charging power. Xiaomi presented desktop and car versions, both did not say anything at MWC at Xiaomi. Without them, you will not be able to charge the 9 Mi fully without wires during 90 minutes. If you want to learn more about them, I invite you to this entry.

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Chargers are available for purchase on Aliexpress: 20W car, 20W desk top

The global version of Redmi Note 7

Xiaomi at MWC

The first smartphone of the new Redmi brand in the global version is to be presented in India 28 February. It is a pity that Xiaomi did not mention anything about European accessibility at MWC. I hope that it will debut quickly in Europe because for the price of + - $ 150 it looks great.