Xiaomi offers gaming keyboards designed for players. A month ago they presented a product for a completely different group of people. The multiplatform keyboard will work perfectly in the workflow of people who work on mobile equipment - smartphone / tablet but also on computers. The biggest advantage of the new keyboard is the ability to connect to Android, iOS, macOS and Windows. Just press one key, is it great?

Xiaomi MIIIW multi-platform keyboard

I bought the product in the store Gearbest.com. I opted for the Priorty Line parcel and the keyboard arrived in 14 days in no time, without additional charges, on delivery. The keyboard arrives in a rectangular cardboard box. Inside there is a keyboard secured with a plastic form and foil. The foil is torn off similarly to the products of the Cupertino company. On one side there is a point to pull on to spread all sides of the film.

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The first thing you will feel when you remove the product from the box is the weight, the keyboard is heavy weighs up to 900 gram. The quality of the workmanship is at the highest level, in my opinion is more solidly made than the Apple Magic Keyboard 2. From the bottom there are rubber caps that ensure a stable position on the desk. In the middle there is a plug behind which the batteries and dongles are hidden. The keyboard is powered by two small AAA fingers. The batteries are included in the kit and plugged with a piece of plastic. In my opinion, the batteries are better than the built-in battery. Recently, I had a situation that the message about a weak battery in the mouse I received 10 minutes before fully discharging. I do not have to add that this happened at the very least right moment, and I had to stop working because the mouse had to recharge.

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Longer texts on mobile devices are pure pleasure

Until now all the keyboards I used had square keys, the MIIIW product has a round one and it takes time for the fingers to work properly on it. For me, 30 minutes were enough and I got used to the new conditions. It is inclined at 6 degrees and can not be adjusted. The most important function of the new keyboard is its multiplatformity, so it will not only work with the computer, but also with mobile devices. For this purpose, it has a special groove at the top in which we put the tablet / smartphone. The device will be inclined at the right angle so that we can see exactly what we are writing.

What is the plus of writing texts on the tablet? It is much easier to focus on one screen on the tablet, the computer has definitely more possibilities to dissipate and thus lose the thread.

Xiaomi MIIIW multi-platform keyboard

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Multiplatform with one click - that's it!

At the top there are three key keys in the entire MIIIW product. They are responsible for changing the device's operating mode. With one click, we can change the way of communication with the device. Is it supposed to work through dongle or bluetooth, whether they should work with Windows or macOS keys. It works immediately and sensational, there is no problem with the merging process.

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If you are looking for a universal keyboard for stationary work, the MIIIW keyboard will be perfect. Due to its high weight, it is not very suitable for transport, but working at home on a tablet is a poetry. Do you want to go back to work in front of the computer? All you have to do is press one button and the keyboard already supports a desktop computer. The first moments with round keys will not be nice, you will regret the money spent, but when your fingers get used to it, you will change your mind.

The Xiaomi MIIIW multi-platform keyboard will be bought in the store GearbestDue to the price above $ 50, I recommend choosing Priority Line shipping.