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The three most-searched smartphones in the 2018 year at the Banggood store

The 2018 year was in a sense a breakthrough for smartphones. After many fatal years, worse times have come for the producers, many companies have made a fall. The market was saturated. Users said that it makes no sense to replace the equipment so often with a new one. I also belong to this group, for the first time in many years I did not decide to buy a new generation of devices with a nibbled apple, I watched Keynote and I did not find any important reason to buy an iPhone Xs. I am so fascinated with the device that I even had to check on the Apple website if I remember the name well ...

If you are not very keen on a geek, it makes no sense to buy flagships, budget smartphones offer very similar possibilities for a decidedly lower price. Confirms to the list of the three most searched smartphones at the store

The three most-searched smartphones in the 2018 year at the Banggood store

The three most searched smartphones in 2018

Of course, the podium is dominated by smartphones from Chinese manufacturers, two of which belong to Xiaomi. Huawei company with its model was on the lowest stage of the podium Huawei Honor 10. The smartphone is distinguished by its innovative look as it was at May 2018. Narrowed notch and modern, youth colors of the housing made the device look really good. In my opinion, the best of all three.

The three most searched smartphones in 2018

In second place is last year's flagship Xiaomi Mi 8. Inside which is the most efficient currently processor from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 845 clocked 2,8 Ghz. A big plus is the Super AMOLED screen, it provides very good color reproduction and can work in Always Display mode. It can constantly display the current time and unread notifications when the screen is locked, without overcharging the battery. It also has an NFC module, there is no need to carry payment cards with you.

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Pocophone F1 presented

The most searched for smartphone in 2018 year in the Banggood shop was Pocophone F1, the budget king of performance from the new Poco brand belonging to Xiaomi. It is the cheapest flagship with the Snapdragon 845 processor offered on the market. In order to ensure the lowest prices, the manufacturer decided to give up the functions that are "unnecessary", while offering excellent computing power. The most important thing for many of which was abandoned in the production of Poco F1 is the NFC module, but if you have Poco F1 you will not pay it in the store.

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